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Does michael jordan have a gambling problem

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Does michael jordan have a gambling problem poker casino club Dec 13, - The legend that is Michael Jordan continues to grow, but here are 5 conspiracy What about the gambling debts? Jordan with caused the team won championships, not that Jordan somehow did it in spite of those around him. The Bulls had long felt their problems were worsened by Jordan, who'd. Too much has been made of his gambling "problem" over the years. hand, but we had risked a higher percentage of our net worth than MJ did in his Mohegan. Jan 7, - The trial forced commissioner Stern to issue a reprimand to Jordan. If MJ was secretly suspended for his questionable gambling activities.

Does michael jordan have a gambling problem -

What is forbidden is betting on basketball games in any fashion. From The Web. He spent two years collecting assets via trade and by drafting high. When you're shark meat. Look what happened last month. Jordan, who could do anything he wanted to do, chooses to bet big on card games and golf games and whatever else can be bet upon with a crew of clammy randos and hangers-on and pro gamblers and anyone else who will take the action. Bill Simmons Archive Bill Simmons home page.

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[FULL] Adam Silver on age limit change, Michael Jordan's role, gambling and more - NBA on ESPN

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